Friday, June 24, 2011

Scary Patterns VII

Sometimes the sheer creative inventiveness of America is astonishing:witness the quilted toilet seat cover, above. If this is totally your thing, find it here.
What will they think of next?
p.s. look closely at that quilted picture and take note of what it is! a little quilty joke! Mr. Hunting Creek shuddered. "You aren't thinking of making that!"
"Only Ironically, sweetie."


Tanit-Isis said...


Ok, this is pretty priceless. Especially with that on the picture. Although I guess it's not any worse than those horrible shaggy seat-covers that used to be around.

My hubby's grandmother recently installed a clear, blue plastic toilet seat, decorated with an ocean scene of frolicking dolphins made entirely of shells and things embedded within the resin. I can't decide if it's horrific or if it's crossed some event-horizon of weirdness to become stupendously awesome, but it's nice to know it has company.

KID, MD said...

That is hilarious!!

AuntieAllyn said...

Oh dear, that is truly scary! I must admit that I do make my own toilet seat covers, but they're not pieced or anything fancy . . . I just use leftover fabric from the shower curtain (I like to make my own) so that they match. Matchy-matchy, I know . . . but I hate those naked, cold, hard, white toilet seat covers.