Friday, June 3, 2011

Must Make This List

The Violet Blouse from Colette Patterns reminded me so much of blouses I wore in high school that I had to have it.

Now I just have to find a worthy fabric. I know I have to have a pattern when I see every new fabric and think, "you'd make a nice Violet Blouse."
Also on the agenda- a maxi dress (I wore those in high school too) and silk drawstring pants (I was never so lucky as to have silk drawstring pants in high school. We mostly wore shorts and jeans and t shirts.)
For my drawstring pants (which I haven't worn since college, but then, I am a recovering corporate dresser) I thought either McCalls 6291 (I have a muslin cut)

Or McCalls 5889, since I admired Lindsay T's version so much:

Or possibly, both versions. I don't have any red silk lying around, but you can't let a little difficulty like that get in the way. I do have celadon green silk, and Caribbean blue silk...let's just say there's no shortage of alternative colors.
The fabric for my maxi-dress has not yet revealed itself to me, but I'm sure while I am sewing the pants muslin this weekend I'll realize what it should be.
What's on your summer sewing list?


Karen in VA said...

I'm sewing skirts!! I'm addicted to them... Trying to balance my need for comfort and coolness (temp) with things that work in the corporate world since my between jobs break is now over.. I have started my own business as a consultant, doing financial work with nonprofits!!! So, my wardrobe needs will now be all over the map depending on where I'll be working...Also need to make some knit dresses...

Beangirl. said...

I'm inclined to vote for the 6291 for some reason (which works out for you since you already muslined).

I'm not a big Colette person, but that blouse really is fabulous. Of course, I need another blouse pattern like I need a hole in the head (as my grandmother would say... she always said, "hole in the head, instead of "your head", she had trouble with pronouns sometimes... and wow you so didn't need to know that, I'm distracted by my children having tear-laden drama-queen attacks because I told them I wouldn't take them to the circus..... ack.).

Uh. I vote for 6291. I have no plans for summer.

Mary said...

I love the styling of M5889 rust colored pants. I'd make that if it were my project. Both patterns seem similar from the views I have, and you already have the other for you, I vote for the first.

As for summer sewing--->3 dresses (2 done, 1 to go), easy, full riding tops (3 done, many to go), one denim skirt and home dec stuff.
This list is fluid and will grow, but NOT contract.

Venus de Hilo said...

My summer sewing plans are delusional. Why do I think I will crank out a garment a week, when I've made one in the past six months?

So far this summer: one maxi-dress done, and a heap of fabric on the kitchen counter waiting to be cut. I don't think I'll get to any of it this weekend...

MushyWear said...

I just saw the Colette pattern made up on Nette's blog, I believe and was admiring how cute it was. You definitely need to make that. I also love Lindsey T's pants and am planning a version for myself as well. It will be fun to see yours. Otherwise, I'm still working on my RTW jacket, and whatever else pops into my head as I peruse my patterns and fabrics.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Somehow I'm drawn to the cargo pants but I have an odd affinity for them. I don't know why, as I've never owned a pair.

My sewing list is dresses and more dresses!