Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A summer wind, a cotton dress

Doesn't this dress just make you want to put on your gloves, spray on some ozone-depleting Aqua net and rush to the Junior League Tea to Fund Raise for some lady-like cause?

Here's the pattern back, for all of you Vintage Detail junkies.

This is a dress that wants to made out of some pretty cotton, with flowers. The kind of dress Richard Shindell was remembering.
If you want to be part of a Don Draper flashback, find it here.

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beangirl said...

You know what I love about vintage patterns? No, not the over-the-top femininity essential to an era gone by. Nor the excitement of seeing something that is, quite simply, old. No, what I like about them is that they include the line drawings of the pattern pieces on the envelopes. I mean, if you can see how the pattern pieces are supposed to go, you could -dare I say it- draft your own pattern.

I suspect this is why they stopped doing that. But I wish pattern companies would do this now.

(my word verification is "sporyp"... which sounds like the worst health-food syrup ever.)