Friday, July 16, 2010

Girls just want to have fun

My sister emailed me after my post below to ask:

"What makes underwear "fun?" The pattern? Little duckies on them?"

A question great minds have been asking since Ancient Egypt (That's what those hieroglyphs mean!)


AuntieAllyn said...

LOL, I think your sister and I are like-minded women! Let me know when you figure out what "fun underwear" are . . . I might need to get some!

Mary said...

I have been on an underwear journey-trying to perfect the perfect panties. OMG, this has turned into an English language lesson. Anyway, "fun underwear" include all panties made from the lycra knit remnants from gorgeous tops. Somehow, the patterns that make lovely tops look absolutely silly and fun when sewn into panties. I have some panties which appear to have flames on them-leading my 62 yo husband to regress to 12, rapidly.