Monday, March 22, 2010


"Can she get out?"
"Not as long as I keep my hand on top of the trap door."

This beautiful pattern comes by way of a box of vintage patterns given to me this weekend by my brother, as a birthday gift. (McCalls 9148 1952)
Thanks, K!
My brother said, "Designers must scour old patterns for ideas for their new collections, and pass them off as originals". He whispered it to me as if it were a secret. (And who wouldn't? I'd steal these ideas in a heartbeat. They are gorgeous!)
I love the pocket details - just look at those cute tabs! And notice how they echo the neck placket detail. I like the cuffs on the sleeves too. Modern patterns are remarkably sparse in the detail department, but anyone could copy these ideas into a modern dress.

Vintage patterns nicely show the pattern pieces on the back. They need to bring this detail back on modern patterns! I find this charming detail very helpful in visualizing how things are constructed.
Do you collect details from your vintage patterns? Do you think other designers do?

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