Friday, July 11, 2008

Making Time

I was talking to my BFF from high school earlier today. She asked what may be the Eternal Question which has been asked by women since the Dawn Of Time: "How do you balance so much?! I have NO hobbies or businesses. Does doing laundry count?"
I realized I don't balance at all. I am BAD.
When I am sewing, I am NOT doing the following:
I'm not doing laundry [although I'll confess to throwing some in while I pass by the laundry zone. Triple Laundry Score if I get to preshrink some fabric while washing clothes.] Physics question: why do guys make so much laundry? Especially 17 year old guys? Just asking.
I'm not vacuuming. Although with two dogs who shed [shedding is THEIR hobby] I could legally vacuum three times a day.
I'm not letting the dogs out AGAIN.
I'm not mopping the floor, polishing the furniture, dusting, or watering plants.
When I am sewing, I am happy. I am an artist. I am in the ZONE, as psychologists say. I read that being in this happy zone has tremendous mental health benefits.
I would like to confess here that I am never in the zone while cleaning.
Nowadays I have to make time to sew. When other things keep me from sewing for too long, I go into withdrawal. So I try to take sewing breaks. At lunch I'll sew for fifteen minutes. I'll save handsewing for after work and do it while listening to music. I find this relaxing. At night when the family is watching some scary movie, I read about sewing.
But like a true addict, I dream about a day when I can sew all I want! Yes! That Magic Day when all fabric is preshrunk, I will always have enough of any fabric to make that new pattern, and never run out of thread that matches.
And the dogs will let themselves out.
Until that day arrives, Happy sewing!

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Debbie Cook said...

This is so me! It's really time to vacuum up dog hair (again) and yet all I want to do is go up to the sewing room.