Sunday, June 25, 2017

Why Do Designers Think We want to look like Flamenco Dancers?

Vogue 9243

This new Vogue pattern will be useful in my career as a flamenco dancer, should I decide to bring more flamenco into my daily life.
I'm not alone, I hope, in my desire for the "cold shoulder"trend to GO AWAY. Women can't wear these looks to work, designer humans.Persons with any kind of bosom support needs can't wear these looks without the dreaded strapless bra, a contraption surely designed by the Marquis de Sade.
Vogue 9242
It's not that I don't have nice shoulders. I just hate wearing clothes that have to be fussed with; that I have to pay attention to, lest there be a wardrobe malfunction.
Vogue 9257
I remember making this exact top in the 80s. I wore it to a swanky engagement party,,where the parents of the bride had had the pool covered to make a dance floor. There were fairy lights everywhere, and if Pinterest and Instagram had existed then I'd have social  media'd the heck out of it.

"Look at this fancy party I'm at, a mere recently graduated college student!"
(there were no Mason jars or burlap anywhere. Those items were not yet  on the wedding planning horizon.)

It's funny how we remember exactly what we were wearing at certain times, especially if we made the clothes.
   Nowadays, if I were going to a fancy wedding,  I think I'd choose something that was elegant but more understated. Being a wheelchair user, I'd pick something that looked nice sitting down. Maybe that flamenco top would be just the thing.


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badmomgoodmom said...

I'm perplexed by these impractical trends, too.

In CO, I can't even wear sleeveless tops w/o getting sunburn.