Friday, August 15, 2014

Links of the Week

Harry is helping and wants you to know that he is not in the way

If you sell your work, or are thinking about selling your work, this discussion of pricing is pretty interesting.

These GIFs from the Smithsonian made a nice antidote to the events of this week.

I learned a few things from this podcast about making a living as an artist . 

Here's a picture of a deer eating my hostas and daylilies:

This article about how oldest sons are given more food and attention in India made me inexpressibly sad. This is a quantifiable demonstration of the patriarchy in action. I'm not picking on India here; there are ample examples of this tendency to funnel resources to sons in Western Culture as well. Just think of Primogeniture in England, Henry VIII and countless other examples.

I think all of this calls for another cat picture:

David's Portrait of Napoleon, improved with Ginger Cat. Link below for artist.
Harry recommends this blog with four paws UP.
Have a great week!

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badmomgoodmom said...

In the Challenges of Global Poverty (MITx) class, we learned about an experiment in India. They told villagers that a call center would be built nearby and would hire girls who could speak English.

They wanted to see if the possibility of employment for girls would increase the # of years that girls are allowed to attend school.

Not only did girls in the villages told about the call centers get more schooling, but they weighed more and died less often than girls in villages not told about possible call center jobs for girls.

That's when the researchers realized that the families were feeding the girls more and that the prior lack of food and medical attention was causing the girls to die off at a higher rate.