Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Time Travel Vacations

I want to go to a place where I could wear something like these dresses. If it has to be the past, so be it. A tech company needs to devote their energies to Time Travel Vacation Packages, where we could go on vacation for a day or a week in the past. Not to change anything , just to observe. And to wear things like these dresses.

 Silk satin wedding dress, designed by Norman Hartnell, 1933, given and worn by Margaret, Duchess of Argyll. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London


Kris C. said...

The sleeves would get nasty when I tried to eat, and that train just would not do for a klutz like me. But the dress is beautiful!

fourkid said...

I was looking through a 1940's catalog reprint and saw the most amazing lingerie - I agree - I want some of that amazing vintage workmanship!

hungryhippie said...

This is such a dreamy dress---can I join you on your time traveling excursions? ;)