Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blast from the Past

Voted Most Liberated Woman of MVHS
  Why it is certainly of the utmost interest to my Gentle Readers that I was voted the Most Liberated Woman of my High School Senior Class, I'd like to point out that the most interesting thing about this picture is not that smokin' yellow sweater vest (love you, 70's!) nor the huge collar of the petroleum-based shirt, but the pants, which I made myself. I made perfectly fitting pants at age 17! I attribute this precocity to the fact that I did not know at the time that pants were difficult to make. They are Royal Blue twill, have a fly zipper, patch pockets front and back, and they matched the shirt perfectly. (Full Disclosure:the shirt is my sister's. We had a Cold War of stealing each other's clothes that was only matched in ferocity by the US and USSR. It matched the pants perfectly! What else could I do?)


badmomgoodmom said...

That's hilarious. I also made a pair of fly front pants in home ec, before I learned that they were supposed to be hard.

Sufiya H. said...

Yes, I have never had trouble putting in sleeves or installing fly zips because I never knew they were supposed to be "difficult". The absolute #1 trick to putting in sleeves is to let the machine feed dogs do the "easing in"; the sleeve needs to be on the BOTTOM when you stitch it in (if you are using a walking foot or have "dual feed" you will not get the "easing" effect, however. You must DISENGAGE.) Also I really don't get people who hate to baste; basting is your FRIEND. What's the point of REFUSING to baste and insisting on tearing something out again and again because it "shifted" under the needle (and likely destroying your fabric in the process) or settling for "wonky" work when taking 5-10 minutes to BASTE something into place first would resolve the difficulty once and for all! I have also been known to employ a judicious drop of GLUE now and again too; there are "basting glues" out there that are "wash-out-able" and also do a fine job of putting paid to that annoying "needle shift" business!