Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coronation Gown

Butterick 6022 - perfect for your Coronation
The only new pattern I liked was this one, because you just don't see that many Coronation-worthy gowns.
I'd do the collar/capelet in ermine for that. Heavy silk of course. Needs a bit of work in the embellishment department, but my loyal subjects would take care of that. My other quibble is that the train needs to be longer. (Westminster has a very long aisle), but that is easily adjusted.

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Helene said...

Now, if it's cold enough for ermine or fur on the capelet collar, then I'd move straight into carrying a fur muff (Arctic fox - if I'm going to burn, I may as well go all the way). I'd use white and gold brocade for the collar, myself (but that's the way I am; I never met a piece of brocade that I'd smack in the eye). :)