Tuesday, April 17, 2012

They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

At the risk of sounding like one of those grumpy muppets, I have to say that they do not make patterns as cool as this one any more. The dress with those awesome pockets! The elegant lines, the no nonsense neckline, the perfect pushed up three quarter sleeves...but the piece de resistance is that white cape collar topping - sheer genius.

J'adore the brooch pinned at the impossibly thin waist. Gloves like these need to come back in style right NOW this minute - I want some!
Love how Miss Turban with the flashy feather has her shawl so elegantly tied about her tiny waist. Love that little white cap -that outfit almost looks like a nun's, but not.
These ladies are members of the Church Auxiliary, I think, planning their annual Fundraiser and Jumble Sale. Miss Green Gloves is Madam President, and Miss Red Feather Turban is rolling up her sleeves, getting to work on rounding up volunteers and donations. They run that auxiliary with the ruthless efficiency of the Allied Command planning the Invasion of Normandy. Women's talents were so under-utilized then! Nowadays they would all be College Presidents, Senators and CEOs. We've come a long way baby...except I miss the clothes.

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