Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New To-Do Lists

Happy New Year!
In honor of the New Year and New Beginnings, I declare all old to-do lists null and void. all previous resolutions will be considered completed; we all get a fresh start.

One of our resolutions last year was to go out more often. I am pleased to report that we tried a few new restaurants and saw some excellent movies. (My favorite movie this year was Midnight In Paris, in case you're wondering.)

I had resolved to entertain more often. We did try doing this and did entertain more often, but due to medical circumstances beyond my control, not as often as we would have liked. But no matter, it's a New Year! We'll try again!

Due to frequent, relentless nagging from my daughter, we did reduce clutter, get rid of extra stuff and reach new levels of neatness. She comes around frequently and throws stuff away when we're not looking. No possums have been sighted in our closets.She watches our progress with her steely gaze and threatens to throw out our old coffee carafes.(Those might come in handy someday - really!)

Mr. Hunting Creek went on a diet last year and lost over 60 pounds; he now weighs what he did when he played water polo at Cal. (There is nothing more annoying than a successful dieter, don't you agree?)

Now, on to the new:
I decided, while waiting in the Dr's office last week, that I needed to do new things this year. Take some classes, try new things, experiment.
So yesterday I signed up for the Block of the Month class on Craftsy, and took the class and made the blocks. I used colors that I don't normally combine. I tried to do something different from my usual. It will be fun. It's free, if your resolutions also include learning new stuff.
Next up, maybe a new museum visit, sewing something crazy (maybe a crazy quilt? I've never made one), painting and starting different seeds than my usual.
Thats enough to keep me busy.
What are your new resolutions?


Beangirl said...

Do you rent out your daughter? And yes, dieting men are highly annoying. They almost always lose tons of weight and then say things like, "All I had to do was stop eating a doughnut every morning and walk up three flights of stairs each day."

(Actually, congratulations to Mr. Little Hunting Creek, that is an awesome weightloss!)

Mary said...

Well, hi there! I'm happy to say that I have NO resolutions. None. Nada. I am going easier on myself and trying to achieve a more laid back attitude. If I make a resolution regarding such, I will have broken it immediately.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.

Karen in VA said...

Yes, men dieters are extremely annoying, although not as annoying as men who are in their 50's and only about 15 lbs heavier than they were in high school AND eat anything they want...sooooo not fair!! I also don't make resolutions although I am still trying to find balance after starting a business last year - don't want it to consume all my time... So, I signed up for 2 knitting classes at Fibre Space and 2 sewing classes at G Street Fabrics...

Tracy said...

Your words always make me smile.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I need a daughter to nag me about decluttering. Heh. Actually, I don't have trouble getting rid of stuff. It's just starting the process that's the problem. You are so good, already starting on your resolutions! Hope 2012 is a good year for you.

gwensews said...

Best wishes to you for the new year, and all you want to accomplish. I gave up on resolutions and goals because I constantly disappoint myself.