Saturday, April 23, 2011

Search Me

It is my morning amuse-bouche to read the daily search terms that people use to find my blog and website.
This morning the terms used were: hunting baby quilt, Hunting dress pattern, hunting paint. This left Mr. Hunting Creek and me scratching our heads. What on earth would a hunting baby quilt look like? Babies with camo and shotguns? Babies in duck blinds? Babies out with Springer Spaniel puppies, looking for ducks? (I hope they didn't mean that they were hunting for babies...what kind of creepy person would do that? And combined with quilting? It boggles the imagination.)
We're also uncertain as to what a hunting dress pattern might be, but I like to think it looks like an English Riding Habit from a romantic novel. Maybe Hunter Green and velveteen. With a hat that has a long black feather.
And as for the person who was looking for a pattern for a curling holder...I think that they are just making stuff up. Unless it's for a curling stone for curling the sport, which would also be weird. In that case, they are on their own.


Mary said...

So funny...I am also perplexed by the extreme poise the riders show on these horses who are definitely NOT giving a smooth ride.

sewing spots said...

Rather funny! I never thought about looking at that.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I am apparently the internet's foremost authority on how to dye your eyebrows. Almost all of my search terms are related to that one post. it's a little sad, actually, to see how much more popular eyebrow dyeing is than sewing!