Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Favorite Website

Want to figure out what to make with the three green onions, two carrots and the half carton of cream in your fridge? Go play with supercook.com for hours of work procrastination enjoyment. Mr. Hunting Creek and I have always imagined an Iron Chef Challenge that involved the the chefs being forced to come up with something creative with the supplies in our fridge on a Friday evening, when all of easy stuff has been used during the week.
Deal with our end of the week fridge, Iron Chef!
Now will someone invent the same thing for my fabric, so I can type in "two yards gray rayon knit" and it will show me all of the patterns I could make?

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beangirl said...

I used to love a site called "Chef Mixer" (or some such), but it became defunct. I pride myself on being a creative cook, but even I balk at 2 oz. of pepperjack cheese, 6 left-over fish sticks and a half a rutabaga. (I steadfastly avoid questioning why I have half a rutabaga.)

I'm off to peruse the new link. Hurray! PepperJack Rutabaga Fishstick surprise for us tonight!