Friday, September 17, 2010

Quotable Friday

How many times has someone said, "Her dress/top/jeans look like they were painted on!"
Now painted on clothes can be a reality.

"The fabric, which dries when it meets the skin, is very cold when it is sprayed on, a limitation that may frustrate hopes for spray-on trousers and other garments."

Did we even have hopes for spray on trousers?
I wonder if we can get neon metallic colors?

1 comment:

beangirl said...

Well, I know I had hopes of spray-on trousers... well, at leat after watching James Bond again last week.

We all want Daniel Craig to wear spray-on trousers, right? Yes, I thought so.

(I like how that model was ROLLING his eyes while getting t-shirt sprayed. He didn't seem too enthusiastic, did he?

I'm sure Daniel Craig would be much more obliging. Right? Yes, I thought so.)