Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scary Pattern Illustration

I don't know why images like the faceless woman pictures disturb me so, but they do. I would even go so far as to avoid buying patterns that have faceless illustrations.
That's one reason (out of many reasons) why I don't like Connie Crawford's Butterick Patterns. The anonymous faceless robot women creep me out.
This style is a little KGB-agent for my taste as well. But if you don't mind wearing Femme Nikita's Blue Power suit, you can find it here.
Do you think those buttonlike thingies are control knobs?

1 comment:

beangirl said...

-snort cough choke-

Those are definitely control knobs. She looks like a wardrobe. I mean the kind you put clothes in, not the kind you wear.

Ok, so this is getting to be a bad habit. But rather than trying to reply here without the ability to post images, I think I will have to reply more thoroughly on my own blog. Sheesh. How rude is that?