Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Hunting Creek in Fall Colors

Here is an osprey platform on the creek. There are several nesting pairs all along the Potomac and we frequently see them carrying fish to their nests.

Yesterday was a beautiful Fall day, warm and calm, as you can see by the reflections on the water.

There were no mosquitoes and hardly any bugs at all. Just warm sun and still water.

Nature makes some beautiful abstract compositions; better than many works of art only a few miles up the road in the Smithsonian.

Here's a different view of the Potomac; you are looking at the bridge over Little Hunting Creek. North is left and south is right. Through the bridge and you go out into the Potomac. Turn right and go south to Mount Vernon and further south down to the Chesapeake. Go north about ten miles and you are in Washington, DC.
The land in the distance across the river is Maryland.

Here's is one of our neighbors dressed in his fall colors. He was eating a catfish and then took a walk.

All photos above taken by Mr. Hunting Creek from his canoe while on Little Hunting Creek yesterday afternoon.


AuntieAllyn said...

Your photos remind me of how much I DO love the Commonwealth of Virginia!! Especially in the fall, there's no place more gorgeous!

Myra said...

I agree, we lived there 2 years, in Virginia Beach. Beautiful colors in the fall!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Gorgeous photos!