Friday, October 3, 2008

Tag I'm It

Cathy at HemminandHummin has tagged me and I'm supposed to reveal seven random facts about myself. Here goes:

I once ran the Trailways Bus Station in San Juan Capistrano. Talk about a job where you meet interesting people...I could write a book about that job.
After we graduated from college, Mr. Hunting Creek and I both worked in Maui at the Maui Airport, managing the National Car Rental Office there. We met Chuck Norris! We saw humpback whales! And to tell the truth, I was happy to get off that island when we left to go back to California for grad school.
When I was working at a firm in Washington DC, I was introduced to Jerry Springer. I didn't know he was THAT Jerry Springer, and I asked him if he was ever mistaken for the famous one. He laughed and said, very politely, yes, all the time. Afterwards I found out that he WAS the famous one! Oops!
I met my husband at freshman orientation at UC Irvine - at a Toga Party.
When I was getting my teaching credential, we had to do student teaching in all sorts of situations. I taught in some rough areas, and years afterwards, big scary rough looking guys would come up and say Hi Teacher! when I was at the mall. They were really very nice kids...they just LOOKED tough.
When I was little, I used to design clothes for my Barbies. Didn't lots of great American Designers start that way?
And I really do read cookbooks in well as everything else. Bed is the best place for reading, especially since the kids and Mr. Hunting Creek LOVE scary movies and I hate them. So I go read in the bedroom and listen to music so I can't hear any part of their scary movie du jour.
I'm supposed to list my favorite blog places, but I don't want to leave anyone out by accident; I'll be like the Governor of Alaska and answer as I please instead.(She did, and why can't I?) I'll list my seven favorite places that I've been: San Francisco, Berkeley, Rome, Kyoto, Florence, Kuala Lumpur and New York.
I hope you all have a sunny and wonderful weekend.
Happy Sewing!

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Cathy said...

What beautiful interesting places you've gotten to live and visit.