Monday, September 15, 2008

It Don't Come Easy

I've been fighting a cold all week , and as of yesterday morning the cold was winning. After cheering on Aaron Rogers and the Packers, I felt like sewing something easy. Deep in the sewing room closet, I found a pillow form and a remnant that would make a cute pillow for our breakfast room couch. The pillow is 12"x12", and I have a 12 1/2" square quilter's ruler, so I marked around it in chalk and cut out my fabric. This will be easy, I thought. I found a zipper that matched from my zipper stash and after I had it sewn in, I unzipped it and it broke. Back to the zipper stash. I found another zipper that matched (this one even better, how did I miss it before?) Some quality time with the seam ripper later, new zipper is in, pillow sewn and on couch. Then I dipped into the UFO heap to finish some pajamas I was making for a Christmas gift. Got to stay on track for Christmas! All I had to do was make buttonholes for the drawstring and the casing. Of course I could not do that correctly either; hello again, seam ripper! I hate ripping out buttonhole stitches the MOST; they are so close together and tiny. Finally I did them correctly and when I was halfway through putting the drawstring in the casing the safety pin somehow came off the drawstring and I had to start all over again. TWICE. These pajamas will be finished another day. Some days I do everything perfectly on the first try and other days I can't do anything right no matter how hard I try.

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The Slapdash Sewist said...

Losing a safety pin in a casing is the WORST. The PJs can wait for a day with better luck.