Thursday, January 6, 2011

Roma non fu fatta in un giorno

Looking at the Do It All Mom Calendar, I make the snarky comment to Mr. Hunting Creek that I can’t find the Do It All Dad Calendar. “There won’t be gender equality until there are “Do It All Dad” Calendars.” He says. “The problem with women is, you let men get away with too much.”
I protest, “But then nothing would get done!”
He smiled an enigmatic smile.

He’s right. I hate when that happens. I decide immediately that I am starting a movement.
I will call it the Do Less Parenting Movement. (I originally titled it, Do Less Mom Movement, and was corrected by both son and husband that that was sexist. Duly noted. They’re right again. I hate when that happens.)

Hey, how are you doing on your resolutions, Day 6? I thought I’d update you on a resolution I made a couple years ago, to stop buying fabric. As mentioned, I went cold turkey when accused by my otherwise charming children of exhibiting addictive behaviors regarding fabric and pattern purchasing, meaning, don’t get in between me and any Italian Silk when there is a sale. (Seriously, you might get hurt. Just sayin’)
Well, I did go cold turkey, and as of this March it will be three years since I have purchased fabric for myself. THREE YEARS. But I know that they say that it only takes one drink. I mean, Yard, to fall back into bad habits, so Mr. Hunting Creek and Ms. Hunting Creek remain ever vigilant that no new fabric enters the house until all old fabric is sorted and organized.

The forces of disorder, being the dog, son and Mr. Hunting Creek’s coffee mugs, are making it difficult to keep the outer order in the living room. Also my desk and sewing room are looking pretty rough. But I remind myself that Roma non fu fatta in un giorno, and start picking up clutter when ever I see it.

I realize that looking cute every day is a manifestation of the first mantra: Outer order contributes to inner calm! It’s all the same thing. Now to go vacuum up the dog hair.


sewing spots said...

Congrats on maintaining your resolution. That takes will power to go 3 whole years without buying fabric.

Beangirl said...

OK. Was going to comment. Then realized that I had basically written an entire blog post.

Um. So... I liked your post. There. That's my comment. (I'm also pretty sure Rome was built in three and a half days. Pretty sure. Maybe.)

(Uh. That says "Rome wasn't built in a day", right? Dang it, better check. Otherwise I look dumber than usual. Which is saying something.)

Nancy K said...

I'm of the same mind that outer order etc, so why does my studio/sewing room always look like a cyclone hit it 2 minutes after I clean it up? As to the other issue, well, my kids are grown and my dh is who he is and after 38 years he isn't going to change all that much. I will say that for a guy he's pretty good. Of course he could step over the same piece of paper 5 times and never even see it much less pick it up.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Three years!!!! You are my idol. I am highly impressed. I wish I valued tidiness and organization enough to devote any time to either, but I just don't. Don't know how to make myself care enough to make it worth my time.

Debra Martin said...

Wow three years!! I don't know whether to congratulate you or offer condolences. You must be incredibly disciplined. Good luck doing less parenting. I'll believe it when I read it. LOL

gMarie said...

Watched a very funny episode of In the Middle this week that covered that exact same thing! They quit parenting - took their lives back. It was awesome. Since my kids are grown, I'm waiting for you to try it.

Love that you really aren't buying fabric, but what happens when you *need* something? g