Saturday, October 24, 2009

Venus vs. Mars

I know this will come as a shock to you, but men and women have different philosophies of housework. For example, my sister told me that when she and her husband were preparing for a dinner party, her husband started housecleaning by organizing the garage. She and I both agreed, this would not be where we would start cleaning.
I mentioned yesterday that we were expecting guests this evening. First thing this morning, Mr. Hunting Creek mowed the lawn (in the rain!) raked about sixteen leaves from the back porch and is now deep cleaning the laundry room. I'd be willing to bet money that no guest has ever white-glove inspected a laundry room, but he was brought up by a woman whose house cleaning standards exceeded those of Martha Stewart. (She used to clean up for the housekeeper! She used to iron underwear!)
Every woman I have asked says that they would clean the bathrooms, kitchen and living room first. Of the men I know, I think they'd say the attic, the garage, the garden shed and the laundry room. Then maybe they'd organize the junk drawer and sort socks before they moved on to the public rooms.
What would you clean first if the Queen/President/Parson/MIL was coming over for a visit? And what would your significant other clean first?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Foiled Again

I feel like sewing, but no sewing will happen here until after Monday. Mr. Hunting Creek is involved in a frenzy of cleaning as family guests (HIS family - my family is used to my sewing mess and would not blink an eye at it) are arriving on Saturday for a short stay. He keeps trying to get me to organize my sewing area by making maddening statements like: "What are all these piles of stuff? Does everything have to be in a pile?" and "Can this go away?"
In the interests of marital harmony, I have decided to humor him. (And after Monday, return to my regularly scheduled messiness.)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kick Start

What do you do to quick start your creativity when you are stuck? When you are a little down but need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps (whatever a bootstrap is)?
Do you have a tried and true method?
I used to look at all my patterns and sort my fabric, but this time that ain't workin'.
I know once I start I'll be happy and working away on something, but right now I just can't get motivated. I had a rough summer of illness as mentioned previously, but I am bored with being sick and ready to work on something...anything...but I'm stuck in my rut.
What do you do to get started creating again?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Feel Pretty

When my daughter was in elementary school, every Thanksgiving they would invite parents to come have lunch with the kids. We'd go every year and enjoy the cafeteria Thanksgiving turkey, corn bread dressing and green beans. One year her 5th grade teacher had the inspired idea of having a potluck and all of the parents brought something and then afterwards we all sat and enjoyed a lesson taught by the kids. One thing I never forgot was the teacher's method of teaching criticism: the best way is starting off with a brief review of what you liked. So after every report the kids took turns saying what they liked, finding something positive about every presentation. It was charming, it was sweet; it was also very effective afterwards when I stole the idea for use in my workplace. I took her great idea and used it to great effect in my role as a manager of a large team and doggone if that didn't improve our results from 67% to 99% in a very short period of time.
So in the spirit of Miss C's 5th grade teacher, I'd like to say what I liked about Vogue's fall offerings(since I was a little snarky earlier, with wisecracks about that dorky hat and weird Anna Sui dress).
I loved Vogue 8615. What's not to like? It hit all of my checklist: skirt with large swooshiness ability - check! Sleeves! - check! A discernable waistline- check!(Not a baby doll or empire waist - I hate those and am happy to see them go.) And best of all, separate pattern pieces for ABCD cups. This is a wonderful development- now do it on all of the other patterns, Vogue. (I noticed that they did it on some selected patterns, so let's encourage this development.)
I'm already thinking about what fabric would be best for my retro dress. Checked taffeta? Iridescent silk? Oh, the possibilities...
I would change the neckline a little; I don't like a boatneck, it makes me feel choked, so I would redraw it to be a scoop or a v neck. This is a minor quibble. This is my favorite pattern of the fall.
What was your favorite pattern?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'll get you, my pretty...

...and your little dog, too.
Seriously, Vogue's for Halloween, right?
Ok, now we are all done kidding around. What's with the hideous Mrs. Roper Dress?

This is unattractive on so many levels...where to begin? That print! Those colors! I haven't see a wrist corsage since the Dark Ages when I was in college. That must mean that they mean for Miss Scarlett and the 60's den drapes to attend some festive occasion. Perhaps meeting Elvis in the Jungle Room?
And to think I was worried that my puffy sleeves might be over the top.
Trick or treat!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mutton Dressed as Lamb?

Finally I feel like sewing. Mr. Hunting Creek is going fishing tomorrow, so this is the perfect opportunity to make something. Dear Gentle Readers, please tell it to me straight: is this top too young for me? Is this the kind of thing that no fifty year old woman should wear in public? As I have confessed previously, I have the unerring taste of a circus high wire performer when it comes to fabric and patterns. I love those puffy sleeves, but the older more mature circus performer in me is saying, "Hun, those might be too much sleeve."
Does anyone else love patterns that are just not right for their age or lifestyle?
Have you ever made one and then put it on and thought, "Oh no! I look like a clown!"
I should probably make the plain sleeve version instead. Sigh...